Welcome to The Talk Bracelet

Welcome to The Talk Bracelet

Welcome to The Talk BraceletWelcome to The Talk BraceletWelcome to The Talk Bracelet

A CHARM-ing Way To Connect


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Why The Talk Bracelet?

The relationship between mother and daughter is like no other.

A mother will forever be a daughter’s first and most influential role model. Everything a daughter becomes and achieves in life will hinge on the relationship with her mother. 

From the beginning, a daughter would spend hours looking up to her mother, the way she smells, the sound of her voice, the safety and security she provides. In most cases, she wants to emulate her mother and follow in her footsteps, dress like her, and use her makeup. Mothers, you are your daughter’s first ever relationship with another person. She feels safe with you and for that, she knows what safety is. You love her unconditionally and dedicate every moment of everyday to ensure that she knows she is loved, and for that, she knows what love should feel like. For some mothers and daughters, this relationship continues to grow and blossom into a beautiful friendship that last throughout life. For others, the relationship begins to move in another direction leading to a breakdown in their relationship. 

The Talk Bracelet is a charm bracelet and journal combination designed to assist mothers and daughters in creating an open, happy, healthy, loving, and lasting relationship.   Mothers may will give their daughter her first charm at age 12, and a new charm is added each year on her birthday through age 18.   By giving a topic-related charm bracelet to their daughters, mothers are able to open the lines of communication and create lasting bonds.  Once a bracelet is given, mothers and daughters can write key points in the age-specific topics listed in the journal.

At the end,  the journal becomes a memoir of your daughter teenage years. The bracelet becomes a valuable keepsake, and the mother daughter bond is strengthened and continues for a lifetime. 


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